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Interview door Beatrijs Oerlemans over Maatschappelijke thema’s

Collected Light Volume 1: Women Light Artists
An inspiring collection of art that uses light as its main medium from 44 female artists from around the world. : Sharon Stammers & Martin Lupton.

From immersive environments to reactive light, from beautiful glowing objects to light that tells a story, this collection of light art from women artists includes a multitude of manipulations of the medium. Directing the viewer to contemplate colour, nature, politics, life and even death, the true power of light as an artistic medium is perfectly portrayed by the artists included.

Artists featured:
Aleksandra Stratimirovic, Chila Kumari Singh Burman, Christine Istad & Lisa Pacini, Claudia Paz, Claudia Robles-Angel, Dorothy Tanner, Elisa Artesero, Esther Rolinson, Frankie Boyle, Gunda Förster, Helga Griffiths, Jacqueline Hen, Jen Lewin, Kamila Staszczyszyn, Karolina Halatek, Kate Hush, Kate McMillan, Katie Paterson, Laura Bayliss, Lauren Baker, Liliane Lijn, Ling-Li Tseng, Liz West, Lyn Godley, Maja Petric, Martina Tritthart, Motoko Ishii & Akari-Lisa Ishii, Nandita Palchoudhuri, Paula Castillo T, Rebeca Sanchez Pastor, Sabine de Schutter, Sarah Blood, Soo Sunny Park, Stefanie Egedy & Camille Laurent, Synthestruct, Tamar Frank, Tine Bech, Titia Ex, Tracey Emin, Victoria Coeln, Yoko Seyama and Yvette Mattern.

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Architecture Lab
Architecture Lab
5 Artists That Are Pushing The Boundaries Of Architecture With Tech by Anton G.
Updated, 2023

“Kunst laat het LUMC zien
Memories and the meaning art has for patients, visitors, students and staff at LUMC, University Hospital, in pictures. 'Art in an environment of dislocated people is gentle on the soul'
Art collection of the Leiden University Medical Center.
The Memorial Centre is a permanent installation and realised by Titia Ex
The videoloop Polderlicht, in the main hall, is part of the collection.
Art at the LUMC

ArtLight - magazine, issue 2022 no.1
Artists about: What is the significance of light in your art work?
Light in Art - Art in Light, Germany

Kunst & Wetenschap door Peter de Jaeger 2020.
Over zingende wormen en andere moderne projecten.
Fontaine Uitgevers ISBN 9789059564398 NUR 600

Licht - Dynamische Durchfart by Andrea Mende Germany 2018

Buitengaats maker in Beeld: Titia Ex Dutch Culture 2018

Get inspired by Light by Jessica Merkens 2017

Juicy Lights - Publication about the Interactive light installation and other works by Titia Ex.
Cities shine in smart light / Smart Licht biedt nieuwe kijk op stad / by Davina Jackson.
Juicy LIghts: Sensory Curiosity / Juicy Lights: Zintuiglijke Nieuwsgierigheid / by Alex de Vries.
Light Art for the common good / Lichtkunst voor iedereen / by Eva Zanardi.
Arts plays with public space / Kunst speelt met de openbare ruimte / by Marijke Jansen.

Art by Nature magazine - number 6 (pages 8-11)- by Tessa Valk 2017

Light as Art IV - CODAmagazine - CODAWorx - USA 2017

The Vedute Collection - video - website

Excellent Outdoor Lightings Design – hardcopy - Liaoning Science & Technology – China 2016

A’A’ L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui - magazine - Le Dolmen du Futur- Paris – 2016

PLD Turkiye - İşlevsel ışık sanatı – magazine -Hondsrug Tünelinde “Dolmen Light” – Turkiye 2016

International Kunst Heutehardcopy - IKH-Publishng Martina Kolle - Germany - 2016

SuperLux – hardcopy -Smart Light Art, Design and Architecture for Cities. Editor Davina Jackson –
Includes 5 installations by Titia Ex – Thames & Hudson, London 2015

Lighting Concepts – catalogue - Lamp Lighting Solutions, Finalist Award Winners 2015

Contemporary Art in Dutch churches 1990 – 2015 – hardcopy- Silence Centre LUMC 1993 – Halo 2010

Luminious 15 Philips Lighting

Spoorbeeld – Glass Art in Dutch Railway Stations – magazine - Publication by Bureau Spoorbouwmeester 2014

Landscape Installation Art – hardcopy -Tianjin Ifeng Space Media– Shanghai – China 2013

Plan Amsterdam, Light in Public Space – magazine -publisher DRO – Municipality of Amsterdam 2013